Prajitura Speculoos / Speculoos Cake

O alta reteta care face parte din Targul de Sarbatori. Am ales o prajitura minunata, facuta dupa o reteta proprie.
Sunt pur si simplu indragostita de biscuitii Speculoos! Inca de cand apar in magazine ii servesc in compania unei cafele aromate. Un deliciu! Pornind de la aceasta preferinta a mea am facut o prajitura cu foi cu miere, blat cu scortisoara, crema cu biscuiti Speculoos si crema de cuisoare.
Iata ingredientele.


- 6 oua
- 6 linguri zahar
- 7 linguri faina
- 7 g praf de copt
- scortisoara

Foi cu miere

- 300 g faina
- 90 g zahar
- 2 linguri miere
- 2 lingurite bicarbonat
- 1 ou
- 3-4 linguri lapte

Crema de cuisoare

- 2 oua
- 300 ml lapte
- 100 g unt
- 150 g zahar
- 2 linguri amidon
- cuisoare
- vanilie

Crema Speculoos

- 2 oua
- 300 ml lapte
- 100 g zahar
- 100 g biscuiti Speculoos
- vanilie
- 100 unt
- 1 lingura amidon

Another recipe from Holiday Market. I chose a wonderful cake, made after my own recipe.
I just love Speculoos biscuits! From the first moment when they arrive in stores I serve them with a flavored coffee. Delicious! Because I have this preference I baked a cake with sheets of pastry made with honey, sponge cake with cinnamon, cream with Speculoos biscuits and cloves cream.
Here are the ingredients.

Sponge cake

- 6eggs
- 6 tablespoons of sugar
- 7 tablespoons of flour
- 7 g baking powder

Pastry sheets with honey

- 300 g flour
- 90 g sugar
- 2 tablespoons of honey
- 2 teaspoons of baking soda
- 1egg
- 3-4 tablespoons of milk

Cloves cream

- 2eggs
- 300 ml milk
- 100 g butter
- 150 g sugar
- 2 tablespoons of starch
- cloves
- vanilla

Speculoos cream

- 2 eggs
- 300 ml milk
- 100 g sugar
- 100 g Speculoos biscuits
- vanilla
- 100 g butter
- 1 tablespoon of starch

Prima data facem blatul cu scortisoara. Se separa albusurile si se bat spuma.
First of all we'll bake the cinnamon sponge cake. We separate  the  egg whites and we mix them until we'll obtain a foam.

Se adauga zaharul si se mixeaza in continuare.
We add the sugar and we mix again.

Apoi se adauga galbenusurile si se mixeaza.
After that we'll add the egg yolks and we mix.

Se pun scortisoara si praful de copt si se mixeaza.
We add cinnamon and baking powder and we mix.

Se adauga faina si se amesteca. Aceasta compozitie se pune intr-o tava tapetata cu hartie de copt ce se baga in cuptorul preincalzit. Blatul se coace la temperatura medie pana cand scobitoarea folosita pentru test va ramane uscata (fara compozitie semilichida). Se lasa la racorit.

We'll add the flour and we mix. This composition will be put into a tray in which we have baking paper. The tray will be put in the preheated oven. Sponge cake will be baked at medium temperature until the tooth pick used for testing will remain dry (without semi-liquid composition on it). Sponge cake will be left to cool off.

Apoi se fac foile cu miere. Se amesteca toate ingredientele pana cand obtinem o coca elastica. Aceasta se imparte in doua bucati. Fiecare bucata se intinde pe masa pudrata cu faina si se pune la copt pe fundul unei tavi. Atentie! Foaia se coace foarte repede. Ea devine aurie si trebuie scoasa imediat. Se manipuleaza cu atentie deoarece foile sunt foarte fragile.

Meanwhile we'll bake the pastry sheets with honey. We mix all the ingredients with a spoon until we'll obtain an elastic dough. This dough will be divided in two pieces. Each piece will be stretched on the table powdered with flour and will be put on the back of a tray in order to be baked. Pay attention! The pastry sheet will be baked very quickly. When the sheet has a nice gold color it has to be taken out. We have to manipulate  the sheets very carefully because they are fragile.

Facem crema de cuisoare. Se pun laptele, ouale, cuisoarele pisate, vanilia si zaharul intr-o craticioara. Aceasta se pune la incalzit, amestecand in continuu. Cand crema incepe sa se ingroase adaugam amidonul si untul amestecand rapid pentru a nu face cocoloase. Crema este gata atunci cand are consistenta smantanei. Se lasa la racorit dupa care se pune intre o foaie cu miere si blatul cu scortisoara.

We prepare the cloves cream. We put the milk, eggs, minced cloves, vanilla and sugar into a small pot. We put it on the stove and we let the composition to warm, mixing continuously. When the cream begins to thicken we add the starch and butter mixing rapidly because we don't want to have undissolved starch. The cream is ready when it has the consistence of a fresh cream. We let the cream to cool off and we put it between a pastry sheet and the cinnamon sponge cake.

Pregatim a doua crema. Biscuitii se sfarama intr-un castron, fara a lasa bucati mai mari.
We prepare the second cream. We mince the biscuits in a bowl, without letting medium and big pieces.

Punem laptele, ouale, biscuitii si vanilia intr-o craticioara. Aceasta se pune pe aragaz. Se amesteca in continuu. Cand crema este calda se adauga untul si amidonul, amestecand energic. Se mai lasa cateva minute pe foc, timp in care amestecam in continuu. Cand crema s-a ingrosat se ia de pe foc si se lasa la racorit. Apoi se intinde pe blatul cu scortisoara si se pune a doua foaie cu miere deasupra.

We put the milk, eggs, biscuits and vanilla into a small pot. We put it on the stove. We mix continuously. When the cream is warm we'll add butter and starch, mixing very fast. We let it on the stove few more minutes, mixing continuously. When the cream is thicken we take the pot away and we let it to cool off. We put the cream on the cinnamon sponge cake and we cover it with the second honey pastry sheet. 

 Acum prajitura este gata. Mai lipseste ceva...In loc de glazura o vom pudra cu scortisoara. Pentru ca aceasta sa stea pe prajitura ungem foaia superioara cu putin sirop facut din 2 linguri de zahar pudra si putina apa.

Now the cake is ready. But is still missing something...We won't have a glaze. We will powder it with cinnamon. Because we want the cinnamon on the cake, not on the plate, we will "paint" the upper pastry sheet with a syrup made of 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar and some water.

Prajitura a avut un mare succes. Acesta este motivul pentru care am o singura poza pentru final, si aceea facuta seara.

This cake had a great success. That's why I have only one picture for the end, and this one is made in the evening.